Hele Fitness Honored by HVCA

Each year, the Hawaii Venture Capital Association recognizes business leaders in the community that are making a significant impact.  One of the most prestigious awards is that of the ‘People’s Choice’ which is presented and sponsored by Hawaii Business Magazine.  This year, Hele Fitness was among the nominees for this category as outlined in the article here

Hele Fitness began as a “passion project” for three former pro athletes, coaches and fitness professionals who shared a commitment “to educate, empower and elevate lives through movement and community.” That commitment became their company’s ethos.

Founding partners Brook Emanuel, Marcus Souza and Gus Melo started selling home and commercial gym equipment in Hawai‘i in 2017. In 2018 they expanded internationally, with partners now in Brazil, Guam, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Paraguay and South Africa. Later, they added Dara Tarawahara as a partner.

Emanuel says Hele will always be a “local first company” seeking to “build an empowered community of individuals creating a healthier Hawai‘i.”

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