5 Things You Need to Know Before You Take the ACFT

Be confident and prepared

  1. Not a test, it's a workout
  2. Don't take it lightly! This challenging workout MUST be done within a 2 hour window with inadequate rest periods between each domain that are going to eat your oxygen.
  3. Identify and train your weakness
  4. If you are comfortable in 5 of the 6 events but perform below minimum requirements on just a single evolution, YOU STILL FAIL the test. Competency in all six modalities is required for the test and is important for combat readiness, performance, and survival.
  5. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail
  6. You may be able to run a fast 2 miles, but how about after your legs are jello from the sprint, drag, carry, and your arms feel like noodles from the push ups and leg tucks?  As mentioned earlier, this is NOT A TEST, this is a workout and to perform well you need to begin preparing months in advance.
  7. Know the technique
  8. More important than performing well on this test, proper deadlift mechanics are essential for lifting heave objects safely. If circumstances in the field require you to lift and carry a wounded soldier and take them to safety; relying on your training of proper deadlifting mechanics can be the difference between a speedy extraction and injury.
  9. Train under fatigue
  10. Specifically take long runs after workouts - This most difficult part of the test is running 2 miles when you're winded, fatigued, and your body is starved for oxygen. Improving your conditioning and aerobic capacity by performing 1, 2, 3+ miles runs after workouts will familiarize your body to this sensation. The more comfortable you are in this uncomfortable state, the better you'll perform on the ACFT.
  11. *BONUS* Sprint, Drag, Carry - Look out! Manage your energy systems, know your limits
  12. The speed with which you need to move in order to score really well, is a lightning pace!  The intensity required to move that fast is very hard to maintain and will completely zap your lungs of oxygen and muscles of energy. Be careful as you still have two events to get through.

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8 Week ACFT Training Program
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